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Niter Movies Ni idea Movie

Niter Movies Ni idea Movie

Audience score: 160868 vote.
duration: 97 Minutes.
info: Cher is rich, pretty, blonde, popular and knows how to talk anyone into doing just about anything. When she can't get a teacher to give her a better grade, she and her friend Dion match him up with another teacher to make him happier… and maybe a but laxer on his expectations. When a girl named Tai transfers to Cher's school, she and Dion give her a makeover and attempt to find her a boyfriend. Cher soon realizes that she wants a boyfriend herself, but no one seems right. She goes through a spiritual makeover and realizes that there's more to life than clothes and popularity before she finds the boy of her dreams.
Average ratings: 7,4 / 10.

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I’m a 40s male (oh god no. And I would never even think of watching these lame teen flicks. Just zap past them when they show on TV. But this time I was stuck on it 2 minutes in and so glad I stopped to glance. This is genuinely funny stuff with self-conscious actors doing the ridiculous things and clever dialogs many other types of films could use a real dose of. It’s even worth renting to watch no matter how old you are. Or if you don’t get it maybe you should just like blow yourself away to put the rest of us out of your misery.

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Ah! to be young, rich, and clueless. As a parody of teen culture, Clueless works extremely well. The brats of Beverly Hills think that everyone would be happier if they were just like them. But superficiality is only for those who are truly capable of handling it.
I liked Silverstone as a whiny brat, trying to talk a mugger out of making her lie on the ground because her dress would be damaged. It didn’t work quite as well when she was being sincere and thoughtful, however, which gives you some idea about what this movie is like. I also liked Dan Hedaya as her grumpy father – he isn’t given much to work with, but he makes the most of it.
This isn’t nearly as good as Amy Heckerling’s previous high school flick “Fast Times At Ridgemont High” which was more raw and serious. But it’s a pleasant, uncomplicated ride.

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