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Want Healthier, Stronger, Longer Natural hair?

Melfri’s Dominican Beauty Salon  gives you the solution you need to Accomplish that!

At MDBS we don’t just color, shampoo, style, and do the “Dominican Blow Out” but also teach you the best process to MAINTAIN your hair looking fresh days after your visit with us. Our VISION is to provide the most enhanced customer service. With our combined staff we hold over 35 years of experience using the best products on the market. All of our products are of Italian and Dominican origin giving you the best results. Come in today and allow us to create a style & look that is ONLY for you. Walk-ins are always welcome and our phone number is 281-318-7067  ask for Melfri!  (MEL-FREE)

Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon


Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon


Owner – Hair Stylist

Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon
Chemical Relaxer
Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon
Keratin Treatment
Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon
Color / Highlights
Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon
Semi-Permanent Color
Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon
Fantasy Colors
Melfri's Dominican Beauty Salon
Sow in /Clip in /fusion Extensions


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